Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holidays 2011

We've been in Utah for almost 6 weeks! Matt had a 2 month break before next semester so we decided what the hay? We wanted snow so bad, and we've had maybe 2 snow days. Boo! But we have had a TON of fun since we've been here. I've done a lot of hair for old clients and family and I forgot how much i LOVE to do hair. I can't wait to have my own Salon someday. I've been blessed to spend some time with great friends here, too. And Family... I love my family. I can honestly say this year I did not care one bit what i got for Christmas. I was just so happy to be surrounded by family. It was seriously great. We stayed for a few weeks at my parents and now we're staying at the in-laws. It's so nice to not have to worry about cooking dinner or grocery shopping or whatever! With all the stress we both had last semester, it was definitely a needed break! I feel a little bit more ready to go back to Arizona now. I feel rejuvenated! I hope Matt does, too :)
I have been getting so excited to have this baby! The first 20ish weeks just plain sucked. Now that I'm further along I can feel baby move and I actually feel pregnant, not just fluffy and chubby. And we're all three excited to find out what we'll be having in a few weeks. I can't wait to get everything ready and shop for the little bug!
My baby brother, Nate, got his mission call last week to the France, Lyon mission. From what people say it's a hard mission but he is one of the hardest workers I know so I know he'll do great. He's already taking a French class at BYU this semester and his new roommate just got back from that same mission so he's been talking to my brother about what to expect etc. Today he is going through the temple and I'm so excited for him. After he goes through today, every one of my family members will have gone through the temple. There are so many wonderful blessings there.
About a week ago we headed up to Temple Square with my parents, my sister and her baby to look around the Visitor's Centers and eat at the Lion House. Addi has loved playing with her cousins, and she loves to be a mom to Nixon.
My mom, Sister, and I also went to Gardner Village before Christmas to eat, shop, and play- well, it was really too cold to play, so we just ate a lot and shopped a lot.

Our Christmas parties are always a bunch of fun, and we had a lot of them this year.

Here's just a couple pics of Christmas morning at my parents.
Addi has been saying since October that she wanted a Barbie Cash Register. How easy is that? I love shopping for little kids cuz they just don't want a lot! She was happy with this one gift.
After visiting Lexie's house and playing dress-ups for hours on end, I decided to get her some dress-ups, and boy am I glad I did. She wears them everyday.
See, she couldn't even wait till she was done with her presents to try them on.
I know, I look hot. What can I say, mornings are my prime.
Hope everyone had a spectacular Holiday Season!


Nick and Rebekah said...

Aww presh. You FINALLY blogged. Sheesh. It's been so fun to have you guys in town. We're soooo sad you're leaving. And thank you for not posting any pics of Just Dance on here. Yikes.

Kevin & Mari said...


When are you going back?? I am sorry I dropped out of our text conversation last week. I was so happy to hear from you but the kids needed me and I had to run. What else is new right? Lol.

If you are in town still, call me. Maybe we can find a time for a trim. I have been growing my hair out and I like it but it could use some shaping.

Miss you cute girl. Loves!