Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's A...

Another one, and I am so surprised and feel overwhelming love for her!
I always thought I would have another girl after Addi. I even made a baby girl rag quilt last summer for her, even though I wasn't even pregnant at the time. I just thought I knew it would be a girl after Addi.
Then I got pregnant and had such a different pregnancy that I thought it must be a boy. And everytime we asked Addi what it was she would say boy. Every. Single. Time. So I thought, huh- She must be right. Why would she say boy every time? So I guess I kind of convinced myself that it was a boy. We even had a name picked out!
But then the last couple days I started having a feeling that it could be a girl. And my mom guessed girl, which shocked me, and my sister even had a dream it was a girl.
I told the ultrasound tech to check again and again... Just to be sure (she thought I was Ca-Razy!) And I'm almost 23 weeks along, so there's no mistaking it really.
So..... YAHOO!!! She's healthy and everything looks great, which is always a huge relief.
How great will it be to have two little girls? Okay they probably won't be best friends at first... but maybe in 20 years?
I am a blessed woman.


Jennifer said...

I'm So excited for you guys..but at the same time I kinda feel bad for you!! Ha Ha just joking!! I remember felling that same way with Sam completely different pregnancy I though for sure she was a boy! Yay for Girls:) Can't wait to meet her.

Shari and Trent said...