Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roslyn Belle is here!

Last Tuesday I was induced (6 days early) at 7:30 a.m.  My contractions were slow and not progressing very fastly.  My Dr. came in around 3:30 and broke my water (holy heck that KILLS!) and after that it went pretty fast.  My contractions got really bad to the point that I could NOT stand the pain anymore so around 5 ish I asked for the epidural.  When I got the epidural I was at a 5, and about 15 minutes later I felt the urge to push so I called my nurse in to check me and I was ready to go!  There was no cervix left and she could feel the head!  So everyone rushed in and I pushed for about 15 minutes and she was here!  I have to say I love the whole labor part.  It's so exciting to me and I love the adrenaline.  I think it's also a really spiritual experience (as long as you don't feel any pain, that is :)  I got to hold her right when she came out and snuggle her against me.  I really enjoyed doing this, since I wasn't able to with Addi.  I noticed that my DR's were having a hard time stitching me back up and they looked pretty concerned.  I lost a liter of blood and they couldn't contain it so I had to immediately go into surgery for a D&C.  Matt was really nervous but luckily everything went well and I did not have to have a blood transfusion like they had thought.  I was so glad that the baby was ok.  That was definitely something I was worried about, because of what happened to Adds. 
I was only going to stay at the hospital that one night, I was really anxious to get home.  But somehow these hospitals always want to milk you for all your worth (or your money) and they said Roslyn had a low case of Jaundice (which I still think we could've gone home and been fine) so they wanted to keep her another night.  I was in TEARS!! I hate staying at those stinkin hopsitals!  Anyway we were able to come home the next morning and i was ecstatic about it! 
It has been really different having two little ones at home-- definitely an adjustment.  I have been thankful COUNTLESS times that Matt is done with school and doesn't start his externiship for a couple of weeks still.  What in the heck would i do without him?  My mom flew in for the birth, but had to get back for my brother flying in from DC and my littlest brother leaving to France on his mission.  Thankfully she and my dad are flying in tomorrow night to stay and help for a week.  I am SO extremely grateful that my parents will come out and help me whenever I need it, they are so caring and always want to be here for us.  Matt has been seriously great; cleaning the house, organizing, giving Addi limitless attention, sometimes even getting up with the baby in the night.  I have grown so close to him this year as we've been on our own, he has been a big strength to me. 
Here are some pictures, I can't guarantee they are in order (I don't have the time to organize them right now).

So That's Miss Roslyn for ya!  She is perfect.  beautiful.  calm.


Nick and Rebekah said...

Oh my heck those are so precious! I love the ones of you and her snuggling. Addi is the best big sister ever. So cute! I cannot wait until you guys get out here!!

Danielle said...

She is beautiful! Glad things went better this time! LOVE the name!! Congrats again!

Bret and Ashlee said...

She is so precious! There is just nothing like a new baby. So glad everything went ok this time. If you have a free minute when you come out let me know. We need to do lunch!!!