Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Little Little

i love this little little.  she's so much fun and a really good baby.  she is a pretty great sleeper.  she usually goes to bed around 9 or 10 and wakes up to eat at 3 and 6:30.  i cannot complain one bit!  she hates HATES her carseat.  she screams the second we put her in it.  she loves her binky.  she can sleep through anything.  she is a great eater and is getting a cute chubby face :).  she is a pooper!  She constantly has a poopy diaper.  She is the sweetest thing. 

She is always putting her hands up in the air like, "what the heck?"

i love how innocent babies are.  Sometimes i look at her and think she's too good for this rotten world.  When she cries I think to myself, maybe she just really misses heaven and Heavenly Father; she must be so homesick for them.  She has taught me so much, I feel like she was sent to teach me, not the other way around.  I love just staring at her; watching her and wondering what she's thinking.  i love to snuggle her.  i love how dependent she is on me; how she needs me for everything.  i love being a mother. 

And I cannot forget my other little gal.  Addi finished her first round of swimming lessons and now she is in round 2.  She has come to love them.  We got her some goggles today to use when she goes under water.  She had a great teacher the first round and I think her teacher now is pretty awesome, too.  I'm proud of her for how far she has come with swimming.  she can now swim to the side herself and pull herself up out of the pool.  She can also go under water (for 3 seconds) if she has to (she doesn't enjoy that part so much).  Our summer has started off to a pretty great start.  We are looking forward to visiting Utah in a few weeks to see wonderful family and get outa the freakin sweaty hot weather.  

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Nick and Rebekah said...

Oh those pictures are so sweet. I CANNOT wait to meet Roslyn. Also, Addi looks so grown up at the pool! Only a week away!!